Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reel

As anglers, we’re always looking for the right tools for each unique scenario. Maybe the scenario is a certain species or size of fish, or maybe it’s a specific body or depth of water that demands its own spectrum of gear. Freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing present a wide array of opportunities that can keep fishermen buying gear until the end of time, and this is particularly true for coastal anglers. The harsh elements of sun, sand, and salt combined create a crucible of sorts for every rod, reel, and piece of terminal tackle that would have the courage to leave the shore. Even guides and commercial fishermen who tend to be meticulous in caring for their equipment find themselves consistently replacing the gear they depend on daily. In market research we noticed that saltwater reels, particularly those in the low profile baitcasting category, tend to have a pretty short shelf life, and so as a rod and reel manufacturer, Seaborn Outfitters set out to tackle that issue. We’ve learned that there are plenty of good saltwater reels, a few great saltwater reels, and no perfect saltwater reel (yet). So we asked ourselves, “What would make for the best saltwater baitcasting reel on the market and how can we achieve that?” We knew that this reel would have to be durable without compromising smoothness and functionality. We knew that we would have to improve upon the corrosion resistant properties of most reels without becoming too bulky. After three years in research and development we remain convinced that the perfect solution for a saltwater bait caster does not yet exist, but we DO believe that Seaborn Outfitters is manufacturing the BEST saltwater ready, low profile baitcasting reel currently available on the market. Its superiority begins with our frame. The body (or frame) of our reel begins as a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum and is then cut on a 9 axis, CNC machine. This means that the entire frame of our Salty 150 reels are manufactured with zero poured or die cast parts. Internally, we have gone as far as machining our own gears to ensure match grade tolerances for every unit produced, as well as utilizing 10+1 stainless steel bearings with a chemical anti corrosion coating. Additionally, there are eight other internal components that, rather than being plastic, have been replaced with either specialized copper, aluminum, or steel materials. Each reel is finished with a nautical blue anodized coat. It’s important to note that the anodization is not just an external cosmetic, but instead is an electrically charged finish that alters the molecular makeup of the material and improves its anti-corrosion properties. We use custom cork for the reel handle and thumb bar giving the reel’s overall aesthetic a world class look. Standard features of the Seaborn Outfitters Salty 150 include: a gear ratio of 6.3:1, a monofilament line capacity of 140 yds @ 12 lb test, a braided line capacity of 190 yds @ 30 lb test, a max drag rating of 20 lbs, and an overall weight of 8oz.